Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today's Total Miles: 552
Hi Temperature 104 (inside Yosemite)
Low Temperature 78 (inside Yosemite)

Today we left Vegas at 5am and arrived at our hotel in the cute town of Oakhurst, CA around 1pm. Our hotel is about 16 miles outside of Yosemite and because our drive was shorter than expected to Yosemite we decided to explore today so we have more time to drive to Eureka tomorrow.

We were actually looking at the map and it looks like we will be driving directly through Ukiah - so of course we are going to have to stop and see all of the sites in Ukiah!

Before our visit to Yosemite we decided to have some lunch and right next door
to our hotel is a little Mexican restaurant. We walked in behind a group of 4 20 somethings and their little dog. We thought that it was kinda funny that they walked into a restaurant with a dog on a leash but we just went with the flow. So of course I had to get a photo (and totally undercover with my phone). Meet Taco... that is what I named this dog. He totally just chilled out under the table while all of his owners/friends went to go and get their Mexican food. So random!

Next stop ... Yosemite! Just as we pulled up to pay to enter Grandpa said "whoa whoa whoa... I have a senior card and we get in for free!" He bought a National Parks Senior Card last year which allows him to get into all of the National Parks for free. Super Cool! So we were looking for the card and the lady in the booth said, "well you can stop searching for your card because today is FREE!" So she handed us a map, ticket and away we went!

Our first stop was to see the Giant Sequoias!

Now one of the nice things about Yosemite is that the speed limit is 35 mph, which is actually really fast for the drive - but it also allows you to stop, pull off to the side and take some pictures while you are driving... here are some from our drive!

And now.... here's Yosemite!

We are tired, in fact Grandpa is now asleep and I am about to do the same thing! Hope you enjoyed looking at pictures from today's adventure! Ukiah and Eureka tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

Love, Christie and Grandpa


  1. Hey don't you know when you take pics of the sequioas, somebody has to satnd in front of it so that way you get to see how big they really are. Looks like next time, I will lead the expedition.

  2. You took beautiful pictures. I am jealous, I wish I was with you and grandpa... I miss our long road trips!! I hope you guys are having fun and I can't wait to read your blog later... whohooo

  3. I love reading about your adventure and seeing all of the amazing pictures! I wish I could be on the road with you guys. Continue to have a fun trip!