Saturday, July 18, 2009

Packing Today... Leaving Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we hit the road for our big adventure which means today consists of packing, packing up my office... I have a lot of files to bring with me!

I think Grandpa is REALLY excited because we talked on the phone last night at about 10pm about all of the places we are going and how excited he is! I remember we took a trip similar to this 20 years ago with my Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Jon, Melissa and my cousins Chris and Tim. We drove all the way up the coast in Grandpa's motor home and then once we reached Washington he asked me (because I was the oldest grandchild) if I wanted to go to Canada or Yellowstone. I chose Yellowstone and away we went!

I would love to find all of those pictures to share with you. We went right after the big Yellowstone fires in 1989.

Well off to pack and can't wait to share Day 1 details with you all tomorrow!

In honor of my Dad here is a little treat for you....

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