Saturday, July 18, 2009

Planning our trip

The 2 Day Countdown!

Grandpa and I have planned a 10 day trip to see some country, visit some family and spend some quality time together! We hope you will enjoy reading about our daily excursions and the many photos I plan on posting! We are leaving in 2 days and we are both super excited!

Here is a rough outline of our trip:

Sunday July 19th
Leave Vegas and Drive to Yosemite, Spend the Night in Yosemite

Monday July 20th
Spend 1/2 Day Driving Around Yosemite, Drive to Eureka

Tuesday July 21st
Drive from Eureka up the Coast to Washington

Wednesday July 22nd
Surprise Grandpa's Sister Nola on her 90th Birthday and Take Her Out to Breakfast

Thursday July 23rd
Drive to Yakima, WA and Spend the Day with Char & Jim Caton and Bob & Billie (Nieces and Nephews)

Friday July 24th
Spend the Entire Day in Yakima, WA

Saturday July 25th
Start our Drive Towards Yellowstone National Park

Sunday July 26th
Spend the Day in Yellowstone

Monday July 27th
Spend the Day in Yelowstone

Tuesday July 28th
Head Back to Vegas

Wednesday July 29th
Arrive Back Home in Vegas

Hope you all enjoy reading about our journey!

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