Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2 In Yellowstone and Having a BEARY Good Time!

Miles: 501
Low Temperature: 49
High Temperature: 71

Today was our last day at Yellowstone and after a magnificent thunderstorm last night we were well rested and ready to tour one more time. We decided today we would just do the lower loop of Yellowstone and then start heading home. We ran into the same herd of buffalo from yesterday, however overnight they had crossed over the road and were all heading towards this small lake.
These two were still on the same side of the road as yesterday and enjoying the sun!

Here the the herd!
We finished the loop and decided to start driving back home. We drove through Idaho and just before Idaho Falls we saw a "drive-thru" bear park. Since we did not see any bear in Yellowstone we thought it would be fun to drive through the park. There are only three areas in the park that the animals are behind a fence and the rest of the drive the animals, including the bears, they can walk right up to your car. Inside the park are over 30 black bear and 3 grizzly bears. We both really enjoyed it... in fact so much that we went through a second time! If you are ever driving through Idaho Falls, Idaho this is a must see!

Look carefully for the bear! This one is like Where's Waldo!
These are some of the bear cubs we saw. One was sitting up eating a snack!
In the beginning of the park there were Elk, and a rare White Elk, Deer, Turkeys and some other creatures!
Some of these bears were really cute and had cute personalities (from what we could see). The photos are not great because we were not allowed to roll down our windows so the flash kept reflecting off of my car windows. Yes....I tried to take it without flash but some of the areas were to dark!This guy was scratching his back on the tree!

And the grand finale was the moose that I have been waiting for the entire trip!! Although he was behind a fence I was still happy to see a moose!

Well our coach turns back into a pumpkin tomorrow! We have had a very fun trip together, one I know we will both always remember!

I am so glad you guys have taken the time to read our travel blog!


Christie and Grandpa

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