Saturday, July 25, 2009

Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Miles: 715 (and only 1 u-turn today!)
High Temperature: 96
Low Temperature: 54

We left Washington this morning on our way to Yellowstone! We drove through some beautiful country, saw lots of deer and antelope and even some really funny billboards! We drove from Washington, through Idaho, Montana and we are now on the border of Montana and Wyoming.

It was a very peaceful drive today and about 12 hours long. During one of our first stops for gas in Spokane, Washington we saw something that actually made me turn my head not only once, but twice. Standing on the corner was a man and a woman who were hitchhiking, they each had a bag with them and then laying in between them was a white tiger with black stripes. I seriously had to look twice because the first time I thought that I was seeing something. Ok, let's seriously think about this... now a days the likelihood of getting picked up while you are hitchhiking is fairly poor, we have all seen the Dateline specials... but DO YOU SERIOUSLY think you are going to get picked up with a TIGER????

We are very excited about our drive through Yellowstone tomorrow. We are going to do the upper loop tomorrow and leave the hotel around 6:30 pm (which is in about 6 hours from now). The upper loop is where we will see bear, moose, deer and such! Then Monday we are going to do the lower loop where there are more bison, moose, deer and other wildlife! I am really exited to see a bear because I have been watching for them our entire trip!!! So cross your fingers for us that we see a lot of wildlife tomorrow!!!

Have a wonderful night and I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from today!!!

Welcome to Idaho! Some of Justin's family is from Idaho so I did think about them while we drive through!!! For those of you that don't know, Idaho is actually one of my favorite states! It is one of the greenest states, the water is so clear and blue and it is just so peaceful!

We spent the majority of our drive in Montana today. Montana is beautiful and has a fantastic speed limit of 75!!!

Okay so I told you that I saw a funny billboard - well this is it! I actually had to call Justin to see if I had read the billboard correctly! Hilarious!

The rocky mountains in Montana were a treat to see! Some of the mountains that are covered in rock just take your breath away. This is a picture just as we were entering into the mountains. The elevation today took us to over 6400 feet as we crossed over the Continental Divide.

There were quite a few large cloud formations and some thunderheads during our drive but we only got a few sprinkles!
I stated to get a little headache from the elevation so I thought that a little caffeine would do the trick. Look at how cute this little drive us espresso shop is! And honestly one of the best frozen coffees I have ever had! Grandpa had a strawberry smoothie and LOVED it!

We are in Yellowstone! This was one of the only restaurants open for dinner after 10pm. It was very good, very quick and very much in the spirit of Yellowstone!

Well, we will see you tomorrow - off to bed! Have a wonderful night and again, cross your fingers for us..... bears, moose and more!!!


Christie and Grandpa


  1. Once Again.. I love your blog!!! I am still so jealous because I wish I could have been traveling with you guys,, well have fun tomorrow.. love you both

  2. I am enjoying this so much! You're a great story teller and great photographer Christie. I wish you were in the pictures though! Oh, and where is the picture of the hitchhikers and their tiger??? I honestly would probably pick them up BECAUSE of the tiger! hehe.....