Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2 With the Caton Family!!!

From Left to Right: Billie, Bob (sitting), Jim, Charlotte and Grandpa all goofing off!!

We spent the day with the Caton's here in Yakima, Washington! What a fun group of people!! In the afternoon we headed back over to Bob and Billie's house where we met up with Jim and Charlotte. Jim and Charlotte wanted to take us up to see their landfill and all of their land. Their landfill and some of their land is at the top of this hill which overlooks Yakima, a couple of other towns and also a river. It is beautiful country and there are orchards all over, primarily apple and cherry. Charlotte was telling us that the largest apple grower in Washington's orchard is their neighbor, and I believe if you look into their front yard, the orchard across the way is his also.

After we went to the landfill they had planned to take Grandpa up to the cemetery so he could see where two of his brothers were buried. Again, remember Grandpa is the youngest of 19! Below are his brothers Milo and Ovie's headstones. I learned a lot about Milo and Ovie from the stories everyone was telling. When Grandpa was born Milo was 17 years old and Ovie was 19 years old.

We actually spent a lot of time at the cemetery and everyone had a lot of questions for Grandpa about cemeteries since he worked for a cemetery for over 30 years. Today Grandpa told a lot of stories about his time in the Navy, his Mom, his brothers and his family. It was a lot of fun to learn about his brothers and sisters, and also hearing the stories from Jim and Bob.

After a great dinner we went back to Jim and Charlotte's house which was about 20 minutes from Bob and Billies and up in the country. I believe she said their home is on 100 acres and is so quiet! They wanted to bring us up there before the sun went down because she had a little surprise for us. She had all of us come and sit down on the deck and she told us to "just watch"... and out of this big tree next to their house flocked about 8 hummingbirds and they started flying over to the deck to drink out of the hummingbird feeders. They stayed around for about 15 minutes and then went back into the trees. It was awesome to see, I told them the story about whenever my nephews Trevor and Ryan see a hummingbird they say "there is Grandpa checking in on us". Well, tonight I think that Dad brought a few more friends and family to see us.

Here are some pictures from today!

The past two days have been awesome! It's too bad that we all live so far from each other because I could really see myself spending a lot of time with Bob & Billie and Jim & Charlotte!

Tomorrow we are heading to Yellowstone. The drive is about 11 hours and we are leaving bright and early in the morning... so I am heading to bed and I look forward to seeing the road before us tomorrow!

Christie and Grandpa

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