Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eureka to Battle Ground, Washington

Total Miles: 489
High Temperature: 94 (Small town.... don't remember the name)
Low Temperature: 49 (Eureka)
Hello Everyone and Good Evening from Battle Ground, Washington!!!
Before we start here are just a couple of pictures of the pretty garden we woke up to this morning from our hotel this morning. We stayed at this Best Western in Eureka - since everything else was sold out and it ended up being this wonderful little hidden gem. The room was gorgeous and had two separate rooms with plasma tv's, and a shower made for an entire family! It was awesome!

Today we traveled up the coast of California, Oregon and Washington. We went through The Redwoods, saw the beautiful Pacific Ocean, saw quite a bit of wildlife!

We stopped on Highway 101 for a delicious lunch of Clam Chowder and Fish & Chips! You can see Grandpa sitting on the benches outside. The food was great, the staff was friendly and we enjoyed our lunch on the coast!

The Redwoods were simply breathtaking! Driving through the forest was awesome and something that I don't think I have ever experienced before (or remember). Now we have also prepared a little surprise for my husband Justin. He made a comment when we were in Yosemite that we were suppose to stand in front of the redwoods so you could see how big the trees actually are! So... here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Did you see a monkey in the tree??? Justin can make a comment about why there is a picture of a monkey!!!
Here are some pictures from one of our stops at the edge of California and Oregon!

Grandpa and I are always watching for wildlife.... I keep watch for bears and Grandpa keeps watch for deer, elk, antelope, squirrels and pretty much anything else that moves! Well.... we saw this sign that said "Elk Crossing 2 Miles".... and then about 10 seconds later there was this little house and a sign in front which read "Elk Viewing Area"... and there was a beautiful Elk just standing by the sign, posing for pictures!
Below are some more pictures from our drive today! I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our drive!

Grandpa is really excited to surprise Nola tomorrow. Nola is my Grandpa's sister who is turning 91 years old tomorrow and she has no clue that we are coming! Should be a great surprise!!!

Well I am sure I will have lots of family photos for you tomorrow!!! Have a great night!!!
Love, Christie and Grandpa


  1. Why is my monkey in the tree? Oh, by the way, I don't know about the rituals on your family vacations growing- but we were never " in a shower big enough to fit a family". Nell your "Arkansas roots" are showing. LOL

  2. Ok you are such a dork Justin!!! RITARD! No backwoods stuff going on here!! And FYI that is just gross!